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Information Literacy Assessment: 2018 Spring Assessment


  • In concert with SAGE (the Senate Assessment & General Education) committee of Faculty Senate, a revised information literacy assessment instrument was developed to be administered in the spring of 2018 via Blackboard.
  • Unlike the fall 2015 pilot assessment of the SUNY “Information Management” competency (which included computer skills), this assessment would focus only on “information literacy.” A separate computer technology assessment is scheduled for a later date.
  • The assessment instrument:
    • Questions for the assessment are from a pool of questions developed by the Information Literacy Assessment & Advocacy Project (ILAAP), which is “an assessment tool designed to investigate the information literacy skills of first and second-year post-secondary students.”
    • “The ILAAP tool is customizable, designed to respond to the unique needs of local institutions…” and the questions are available under a Creative Commons license.
    • The tool was designed using ACRL (Association of College & Research Libraries) Standards and is now mapped to the new ACRL Framework, which has superseded the Standards.
    • Thirty questions were selected and reviewed by the librarians at Hinkle Library as well as by the members of SAGE
    • In addition, a subset of 22 questions were revised and submitted for review to the department chairs of the School of Applied Technology in Wellsville
  • During Professional Development Week in January 2018, department chairs selected courses for the administration of the test.
  • In February 2018, the test was added to the Blackboard sites of the selected courses and an email message went out to the instructors involved, with directions on administering the test.
  • The test was made available until the end of the spring 2018 semester
  • Participation:
    • 714 students on the Alfred campus took the test
    • 180 students on the Wellsville campus took the test