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Technical Writing Sources: DiGerlando Tech Writing II

"Green" Groups

Remember that "green" is just a code word and it can retrieve a variety of results having to do with either environmental issues, a color, money or financial matters, and even someone's last name.

It is ok to start out with a search like "green " AND colleges but be flexible and pay attention to other useful terms such as:

  • Sustainable architecture 
  • The phrase "environmental aspects" AND'ed with either College Buildings, College Facilities, or with Colleges or Universities
  • Sustainable design or Sustainable buildings AND'ed with the above terms for college

For the "green printing" group, try:

  • College textbooks --Environmental aspects
  • University presses- Environmental aspects
  • Recycled paper AND'ed with terms for colleges, as above
  • Printing industry AND (sustainability OR environmental)

Campus Transportation

There is plenty of material on the engineering, economic and safety aspects of autonomous vehicles or self-drivng cars.  It might be more difficult to find material on their use as part of a campus transportation system (although a few articles are linked below).

Possible search words/phrases:

  • Automated vehicles
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • College student transportation
  • College campuses AND transportation

Moving University Police and food service

Articles are available on college food service options.  Possible search terms and links to specific articles follow:

  • Food service AND "Universities & colleges" AND...
    • add terms to the above such as, Retention, or Satisfaction, or Trends

College Stadiums

Possible search terms:

  • Football stadiums AND (universities and colleges)
  • Stadium* - design and construction AND (universities and colleges)
  • "Sports facilities" AND design AND (universities and colleges)
  • College athletes -- recruiting AND "sports facilities"

Field house?/Shed @ "Tubing Hill"

Search terms:

  • Sheds - Design and construction
  • "Field houses" (this tends to refer to large sports facilities)

There are many articles available by searching under "Sheds - Design & Construction".  In addition, note several books in our collection.  See below.