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Library Policies: Circulation Policy/Fines & Fees


Why does the Library charge fines and/or fees for late or lost items?

Borrowing library materials is not a right it is a privilege. When items are not returned in a timely manner, they are not available to other patrons who need to use them.   It is important that all library materials, Reserves, laptops, and other books and videos be returned on time.  The SUNY Policy of the Board of Trustees mandates that all campus libraries have a fine policy to reinforce the loan period limits so that materials are available after a reasonable time for other patrons to use.

Students: Books loan for 30 days with one renewal. Fines apply after due date. All materials are to be returned at the end of the semester last day of classes. 

In the case of lost items, fees are used to cover the cost of replacement, and the processing fee covers the cost of the additional workload placed on staff to process the items for the collection. Fines and/or fees cannot be waived or reduced without authorization.  

If an item has not been returned, fines continue to accumulate. In addition, any holds which have been triggered by the fines will remain until the fines are paid.

How much are fines for overdue items?

Check your Alfred State Email account for overdue notices.

2-Hour Reserves:  $1.00 /hour

Equipment reserves: $.25 / hour

Regular circulating books and videos: $.25/day

Fines of $15.00 or more -- loss of library privileges & a Banner Hold. 

Lost items -- replacement cost plus a $25.00 processing fee.  
Borrowing from Alfred University 

Overdue notices are sent to all Alfred State student and faculty do not return Alfred University library materials.   A Banner Hold for the replacement costs plus the $25.00 processing fee will be placed on the student’s Alfred State account. 

Access the Circulation Policy for more info. 

In general, fines or fees will NOT be waived for the following reasons

  • Not knowing Library policy
  • Disagreement with fine/fee structure
  • Material loaned to a third party
  • Items returned by a third party for a patron
  • Not receiving or receiving late any reminder notices
  • Disregarding a recall request for an item
  • Returning items to libraries other than the Hinkle Library
  • Being off campus
  • Forgetting due date
  • Semester breaks, vacations, exams, etc.
  • Failure to update contact information with the Library
  • Item returned by mail and it arrived late or not at all

Paying your fines

Fines and Banner Holds can be paid at the library with cash, check, or CSA card only. Ask to speak to the Circulation Manager or Supervisor on duty.