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ARCH 7306 Design Studio 5

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Library Books

The Library's Architecture books are shelved in an area called NA. Books have small labels on them that list their call number: a scheme to organize a library's collections. This scheme uses letters to represent ideas, e.g., B is Philosophy and Religion, N is Art, etc. The scheme uses single letters and double letters. NA represents Architecture, a subcategory of Art (N): all Architecture books have an NA call number. Books are shelved by their call number in alphabetic order, so the A books are the first books and the N and NA books are shelved in about the middle of the collection. Always feel free to ask a librarian if you need any help with anything, including finding books.

Google Search Tips

Library's Google LibGuide

Search Tips

  • Use quotation marks around a phrase to make it mandatory and in the order listed; for example, "water quality"
  • Use site:edu to limit results to .edu Web sites (or .gov or .org)
  • Use -site:com to exclude results from the .com domain
  • Use filetype:pdf to limit results to PDF documents; other examples are doc, xls, ppt

Google Scholar Search Tips

Library's Google Scholar LibGuide

Search Tips

  • You can force Google and Google Scholar to use synonyms by connecting them with an OR in all caps, for example, gowanus canal environmental OR ecological
  • You can limit results by year in the left margin
  • Click on Cited by # to see newer articles that cite an article
  • Click on "Cite for suggested citations (therefore, you can use Google Scholar to make citations for other articles you have by searching for the article and seeing Google Scholar's suggested citation)
  • You can configuring Google Scholar to work from home by clicking on the menu bar in the upper left, selecting Settings, and selecting Library links
  • Use Google Scholar to find references and citations from articles you already have and from your class readings