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This LibGuide covers resources for COMP 1503's Cause & Effect Essay


COMP 1503 Freshman Composition

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Google Search Tips

Search Tips

  • Use quotation marks around a word or phrase to make it mandatory; a phrase in quotes preserves the order of the words, for example, "student recruitment"
  • Use site: to limit results by domain, e.g., use to restrict results to .edu Web sites; other domains include: .gov, .org, and .mil
  • Use -site:com to exclude results from the .com domain
  • Use filetype: to limit results by document type; for example, filetype:pdf finds PDFs. Other file types include doc, xls, and ppt


Evaluating Sources


Does the site misstate or misrepresent facts? does the site contain errors?



Who created the site and what are their affiliations and credentials?



Does the site hide the fact that they have a point of view or opinion?



How much information is provided?  Is there adequate information for claims made?



When was the site last updated and how new is the information?

Recommended Web Sites

Library Databases