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Printing Instructions for the Library: Home

This LibGuide provides information on how to print documents in the Library.

Printing Instructions for the Library

Adding Money to Your Account

To add money to your printing account, either visit the ACES Business Office, use the Make a Deposit link on their webpage, or use Transact's eAccounts app.


If you need to add funds immediately, go to the ACES Business Office, Central Dining Hall, across from the Allegany Room Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.


Funds added through eAccounts—either through the ACES webpage or through the app—are not available immediately: there is a download 3 times a day at 8:30 AM, 12:20 PM, and 3:30 PM that updates your balance.


To add money in Transact's eAccounts app, first get the app: [Apple/Mac/iPhone] or [Google Play]. In the app, click on "Add Money" and then add money to your CSA fund. Funds will be available after the 8:30 AM, 12:20 PM, and 3:30 PM updates. Funds are not available immediately.


Pharos Printing

Printing Instructions for the Library

1. Open the document you want to print.

2. Type Ctrl-P.

3. Under “Printer,” click on the down arrow or See more... and choose “IR Black White Queue.” (For color printing choose “IRColor Queue.”) Change to double-sided printing if desired.

4. Click on “Print.”

5. Sign in to the “Print Job Details” box that appears.

6. Click “Yes.”

7. Double-click on “Print Center” on the main desktop screen.

8. Sign in to the Pharos box that appears.

9. Select the document you want to print: click in the box before the document.

10. Under “Destination,” click on “ Select a printer,” type “LB,” and select “LB_BlackWhite.” (For color printing, select “LB_Color.”)

11. Click on the yellow “Print” button in the bottom right corner.

12. Go to the black and white printer—the printer/photocopier on the right—to get your document. (The color printer/photocopier is on the left.)

Staplers, three-hole punches, etc., are next to the printers.

Please ask for help at the Circulation or Information Desks if you need help.