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Business Research (Dr. Back): BUAD 5003, BUAD 5013,BUAD 5023, TMGT 7153: Search Tips

Keywords to use

Read the chapter before starting your research!!

Note keywords, like: goals, listening, clarity

Combine these terms in your search string, for example:

  • Business Communication AND employees
  • Business Communication AND goals
  • Business Communications AND listening
  • Business Communication AND clarity
  • Communication in Management
  • Communication in Organizations
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Business Writing
  • leadership AND  motivation
  • leadership AND followers
  • leadership AND power AND influence

More search tips:

Make a list of the chapter sub-headings and keywords

Use Leadership or  Manag* with other keywords such as:

  • skills
  • themes
  • executive ability
  • superior subordinate relationships
  • innovation management
  • teams in the workplace
  • employee empowerment
  • organizational effectiveness
  • short term planning
  • strategic planning
  • case studies
  • benchmarking

  • other chapter sub-headings and keywords