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Library Web Page: Upcoming show

September 7 - October 26, 2018

"Jeanne's Genes" honors the work of artist Jeanne Ehmann.

Jeanne S. Ehmann, 97,  has been a practicing artist for many years.  This show spans work from 1942 to more recent years.  

Along with Jeanne's work, the show will feature that of her daughters, Constance Ehmann and Christine Ehmann, as well as that of her grandaughters Annie Robrecht and Mae Vincenza Backer.  Jeanne's great grandchildren Abhainn Dóbhran (Abby Bajus), Phin Bajus, Liam Bajus, Lydia Bajus, Ezi Backer and Elli Backer will also contribute items for the show. In addition the work of John Bohl and Glenn Zweygardt will be included.

There will be a reception on September 14 in the Hinkle Library Gallery from 4-6 to which the public is invited.