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Greek Archival Material: Welcome to the ASC Greek Guide

Scanned images, newspaper clippings, and yearbook articles on Greek life on campus

Don't See What You're Looking For?

Sadly, there are some organizations for which we have very little information.  Reasons for this can include newness of the organization, lack of communication between the organization and the library, and organizational secrecy.  

While we realize that many Greek organizations wish to keep certain parts of their operations in house we'd like to encourage alumni and current leaders to meet with library staff about putting together a historical collection of organizational information and memorabilia.  Too often organizational information is lost because it isn't kept in a consistent, reliable location.  

To meet with a librarian about adding material to the College Archives, contact


Campus organizations come and go; information in the College Archives is permanent.

What This Guide Provides

The goal of this guide is to provide pledges, current members, and alumni with easy digital access to materials the library has collected on Greek life and various sororities and fraternities.  The amount of information available depends on a variety of factors including:

  • Research done by library staff
  • Available information on current and/or past organizations
  • Materials donated to the library by current and/or former organization members

There is a large amount of information on older, more established organizations than there are on some of the newer ones.  Those looking for information on Gamma Theta Gamma and Kappa Sigma Epsilon will have the most success with this guide.  

Information that is not made to be public, such as internal documents and meeting minutes, are not included on this site and remain in hard copy in the library history room, file drawers marked Fraternities and Sororities

What This Guide Doesn't Provide

While this guide is meant to make easier your search for historical information on your Greek organization, it is by no means meant to be a substitute for your own research.  Other places to look include:

  • Library yearbook collection
  • Your organization's internal records
  • Alfred University Archives, depending on the year your organization was founded
  • Your chapter historian 
  • Your alumni historian