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Storage Guide: About URLs

Reusable boxes and pages for future guides are found here


  • This is a commercial site
  • These sites are designed to sell or advertise a product or service
  • News sites are often .com; some are suitable as an academic source (ex.; some display obvious bias

.gov or .mil

  • This is a government (state, local, or federal) or military web site
  • These sites are often suitable for use in academic research


  • This is an organization web site
  • The organization can be either for profit or non-profit
  • May be advocating a particular point of view; beware of bias


  • This is a web site that originates at a college or university
  • Often .edu sites are suitable for academic research
  • NOTE:  be careful not to use information from a personal web space at a .edu site; the url will display a ~ (tilde) that indicates the information is from a privately owned page, possibly belonging to a student!